Director of Operations


Degree: BA Mass Communications, Journalism Hobbies: Traveling, CrossFit, random adventures, learning and teaching new things After graduating with a B.A. in Communications, Sashy continued to develop her skills in marketing, social media and technology. She is an expert at assisting the job seeker with improving their online presence and marketing their abilities to potential employers in the most professional manner. Sashy believes that confidence is the only barrier to employment and she enjoys helping others to find their strengths and to use them to get the position that they have been searching for. She also thinks that a person must believe in themselves before others can believe in them. Sashy has spent the last five years with The Grow Group educating employers in the Tampa Bay Area about all of the benefits of hiring people with disabilities, as well as working with Florida’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Additionally, Sashy has created relationships with various employers by aligning the companies hiring needs with qualified candidates and is making successful placements across Florida. She is also recognized as “one of the top CBTAC’s (business consultants) in the state, and has assisted several individuals with creating and nourishing their small startups. Sashy’s additional certifications include, Supported Employment, Business Consulting (CBTAC), Vocational Evaluations, Job Development, TESOL, HIPAA etc.