Senior Employment Specialist


Degree; Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from USF Hobbies: traveling, biking, softball, crew and anything outdoors with my kids, Steelers football, Lightning hockey, the beach, backyard BBQ's and cooking with friends and family, locating new breweries in the area and throughout the universe, coaching softball His background in sales, financial advising, insurance and education, provide a unique blend of professional expertise, which enable him create long lasting relationships with local employers through job development. This experience, paired with his B.A. in Business, with a focus in finance, have allowed Steve to be one of our most successful Employment Specialist often leading our group in successful job placements throughout Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk and Marion counties. In addition to Job Development and Employment Services, he is also using his teaching background for Career Counseling Information Referral (CCIR) training course, to ensure every person he comes in contact with knows the facts about how they can obtain help and support from those around them to thrive in the work environment and on their own. Steve’s additional certifications include Supported Employment and HIPAA.